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    Affordable Reclaimed Buildings

FTI Farm supplies building materials for the 4 state regions based in Diamond Missouri. We specialize in reclaiming certain types of poultry buildings depending on age and condition and Bulk\Feed\Grain bins. Our main product is Steel Truss buildings with Straight leg C-Channel. These trusses are ideal if you are considering a hay barn, machinery storage, building for equipment or combine, where tall height is required. These C-Channel style trusses work great for this application.

Our process for reclamation of used buildings is designed to ensure your best success of restructure when erecting these products. Our crews are trained and skilled to keep building material organized and together to ensure lumber and sheet metal from the roof stay together. Give us a call for more detailed information.

These buildings provide very affordable structures to use for a multiple of uses. Barns, shops, Ag Buildings, Hog barns, Garages, Carports, even a house. They offer convenient affordability and are structurally sound. Most or all of our material is 40’ wide and sold in a package that includes the entire mainframe for trusses and the entire roof system. Our most popular lengths is 100’, 160’ and 200’.

If you are interested in a shorter or longer length, just call for pricing.