Building Packages

Basic Building Kit

Package includes:

40’W x 100’L
11 sets or C-Channel Leg Heavy Gauge Trusses
68 Sheets of rust free Galvanized Sheet Metal
11 pieces of Ridge Cap
110 K-Braces for the trusses
125 2x4x20’ with a mix of some 10’
20 2x12x10’ outside top plate (this goes where the 2x4 would go for the wall run)
10 2x6x20

All prices are delivered prices. If you want a pickup price just give us a call. Also, all deliveries are delivered via Semi Tractor and Trailer. The delivered price includes transport of materials to your location only. You will be required to have a skidster, tractor with forks, fork lift or a machine that is capable of unloading the material. Note pallet forks work best.


All of our insulation board is Blue or Pink. Material is stored in Semi Van trailers.

All insulation board are Extruded Polystyrene 1 ½” thick.

This board is water and mold resistant.

Sheet dimensions are as follows: 4’ wide X 21’ long. Note these come from the roof of these buildings and can require trimming the ends if you want them clean cut. Most customers elect to use them in the condition when removed.

This is a great value for the dollar.


Here at FTI Farm we offer a used selection only of bulk bins used for all types of feed.

These are all hopper bottom grain bins that are mostly used in Poultry or Swine feed operations.

All bins are priced individually and prices include a transition and the slide door at the bottom of the bin.


We carry a small selection of used augers that have been checked out and range from price of just used augers and bottom boxes that came off bins unchecked.

To reconditioned augers that are made up to fit on the side of a Bulk Bin on a ready to install price or installed price. The picture posted is of an installed auger we reconditioned and installed on a bulk bin.